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Micro RTOS is an [[ opensource]] [[ LGPL v3.0 licenced]] Real Time OS (RTOS) [[TheKernel|kernel]] for the [[ P89C668 microcontroller]] written from scratch in [[ 8051 assembly]]. The RTOS takes concepts from [[ MicroC/OS-II: The Real-Time Kernel]] an excellent book by [[ Jean J. Labrosse]]. This was a 2004 final year university project by three [[ Mumbai University]] students Zaryab Khan, [[ Sameer Halai]] and [[ Ali Lokhandwala]]. I share their project in the hope it will help or inspire someone.

====Features==== >>@@Editing this Wiki?@@You will need an account to edit pages on this wiki. To create an account contact the [[ website admin]]. Also see the Wiki FormattingRules.>>
- Micro RTOS has a fully pre-emptive real-time [[TheKernel|kernel]]. This means that Micro RTOS always runs the highest priority task that is ready.
- Small memory footprint. Requires just 3,786 bytes of memory.
- The OS supports a maximum of 8 tasks and a minimum of 1.
- Designed for the 8051 microprocessor family.

====Getting started====
1) Get the [[MicroRTOScode|Micro RTOS code]] from the [[ SVN repository]] at [[ sourceforge]].
~& Hostname:, Port: 443, Repository Path: /svnroot/urtos-p89c668
~& If you use [[ TortoiseSVN]], simply use the Repository URL
2) The source code can be edited in MIDE-51, assembled with ASEM-51 and simulated in JSIM-51. You can download all these tools for free from [[]], or the [[ projects downloads page]]. The code is assembled by building [[MicroRTOScode|main.asm]].
3) Get a copy of the [[ P89C668 microcontroller]] specifications.
3) Find 8051 instruction set and specifications [[ online]] or [[ PDF format]].
4) It is highly recommended to get a copy of the book [[ MicroC/OS-II: The Real-Time Kernel]].

Start at the [[DocumentationIndex|Index]] or [[TextSearchExpanded|Search]].

The code itself is well commented though it will help to know the [[CodingConvention|coding convention]].

====Reference Books====
- [[ MicroC/OS-II: The Real-Time Kernel]]
- [[ The 8051 Microcontroller]]


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